Coaching Philosophy

There are three main rules we have for the girls playing on the Crushers Volleyball club:
  1. Learn something about volleyball each time you practice/play
  2. Have fun: have fun playing the greatest game
  3. Make friends: make lasting friendships
We believe that the best way to keep the girls active and playing this fantastic sport is to make sure they are enjoying themselves.  We don't like hanging out with grumpy and mean people - why should they?

Having said that - the only way you learn (our number one rule) is to work HARD.  If you don't want to work, we probably aren't for you.  We expect our athletes to work on conditioning during the week so we aren't focused on that during practice time.  That means the Crusher athlete should be active and healthy every day of the week, that includes eating healthy - not just on the weekend.  While at practice, we expect the girls to be respectful, to listen and to hustle. 

All playing time at the tournaments is earned.  Equal practice time is guaranteed.  Those girls who work hard, are coach-able, attend all practices (unless they are excused by the Club Director), maintain a positive attitude and show up on time - are the ones who will likely end up with the most playing time.

Make no mistake.  We want to win - and we will.  However, we believe that winning is a byproduct of learning and hard work.  This year expect to learn about volleyball fundamentals but also about how to run a 5-1 or 6-2 offense, how to play defense, how to read the other team, and how to prepare for the next level.