One of the major things you pay for with club volleyball is the time and effort of the coaches and the administration.  Much of that time is TOTALLY worth it.  We've seen some fantastic coaching in club volleyball from some really professional coaches.

We are NOT professional coaches. 

However, we do believe that we are very GOOD coaches, with a heart to help teach volleyball skills and a love of the game to kids.  We are IMPACT certified with the AZ Region of USA Volleyball. We've coached teams against coaches who now work for clubs - and won.  We are coaches who love the the game, play when we can and read about volleyball for fun.  Coaching the Crushers through a number of recreational leagues, we've compiled an outstanding record (56-0 over our last 56 games played at the rec level) and have taught the girls a ton about volleyball... from proper technique - to reading the opposing team - to how to successfully run a 6-2 offense.  

If that isn't what you are looking for - we completely get it.  Give us a call and we'll refer you to some outstanding clubs in the area (just keep in mind that you will pay more).  If you'd like, we can also give you the names and phone numbers of Crushers players who can tell you about the Crushers experience from their perspective.

  • Rob Richardson - Head  coach 18's Nationals & director of the Crushers Club.  Email Rob here.  
  • In 2013 the 16's team finished in 1st place in the Silver Bracket (7th overall at the Club level)
  • In 2014 the 16's team finished in 23rd place overall after starting the year ranked 102 in the Championship division out of  144 teams.
  • In 2015 the 17's team finished 3rd overall after starting the year ranked 26th in the Championship division with 146 teams