National Team Fees

We are VERY sensitive about keeping costs down.  Our goal is to try to keep the cost at or under $3000 per girl.

What does that cover?
  • Jerseys (Two)
  • Spandex (Two pair)
  • Practice shirts (Two)
  • Backpack
  • Warm-ups
  • Cover Shorts
  • Shoes
  • Volleyball (Molten Super Touch)
  • Participation in AZ Region JR events (6 tournaments plus the end of the year tournament)
  • Participation in two multi-day tournaments (check the calendar for details)
  • Participation in two National Qualifying tournaments (One out of state and one in state)
  • Pre-season Tournament
  • Practice facilities - we will train 4-6 hours each week
  • Coaching & Administration costs
  • and a chance to play the best game on earth while having a good time.
What is not included:
  • Hotel
  • Air fair
  • Meals / Food
  • If the team qualifies for the National Tournament additional fees will be assessed for participating in Nationals.

Payment Schedule:
  • Tryout day - $30 solely to help pay for the use of the gym facility
  • Commitment day - $600 (this covers registration with the region, uniforms and equipment)
  • December 1st - $600 (administration, facilities & tournament registration)
  • January 1st - $600 ( facility rental, tournament registration & misc fees)
  • February 1st - $600 (facilities, administration, tournament registration & misc.)
  • March 1st-  $600 (facilities, administration, tournament registration & misc.)

Once the player has signed the  commitment form, the contracted fees non-refundable.  We are trying to run a very tight ship - so we're sorry that we don't have room to offer more gracious payment plans.  Keep in mind that in order to tryout anywhere, the girls need to be members of the AZ Region.  That is paid directly to the region and needs to be done right away (Memberships are paid directly to the region and USAV).  Also, since we will participate in at least one AAU event, each player will also need an AAU  membership.

Fundraising & Team Building:
We will hold a fundraiser during the year and we expect everyone to participate .  This year, we are going to be cooperating with Suns charities for the 4th year in a row, and selling tickets to Suns games at discounted prices.  The girls will earn from the profit from these sales (above the price paid to the Suns) as a reduction of the fees listed above.  (Sell enough tickets and your club season could be free).  The club will retain all of the profit from the 50/50 raffle from the game for equipment and scholarships.   

Why do we need to fund-raise?  Total club expenses for this year will actually exceed $3,000 per girl.  We are committed to keeping costs down for the girls.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 corp and want to help the girls have a club experience at a reasonable price.  Most coaches are NOT-PAID and are donating their time to keep costs down!

Finally if a checking account is opened at any Compass bank using the crushers volleyball code, a $50 dollar deposit will be made to the club. Ask the club finance administrator for the code.