About Crushers Volleyball

Why did we start Crushers Volleyball?  Great question. We've been coaching a team of girls (some of whom are our daughters) through various recreational leagues and had great success. (At last count, we had won 56 games in a row).  We clearly needed more competition and a chance for the girls to grow even more in their skills. Click here to read more about our coaching philosophy. Why not join an existing club? While there are some fantastic clubs out there the fees are extremely high - in some cases well over $5,000 for a season. Our goal is to keep expenses down and let girls have a full club experience for about $1,800 (Nationals Teams are additional).  We are a non-profit organization with a Christian Focus.

We are practicing  at Madison Baptist Church in North Phoenix at 12th St & Rose Lane... convenient from all over the central and north valley.  

Who is this club NOT for?  While we'd like to think that everyone wants to join Crushers volleyball, we know that it is not for everyone. If you are looking for a club that is more about a chance to hang out with friends than to learn and play volleyball - we aren't for you either. Our girls work and play hard.

If you are looking for a club where every girl will learn something - where the coaches are IMPACT certified - where you can assist in the practices if you want (once you pass the required screens and tests) - where the coaches value the girls as people first, students second and athletes third - and where the girls will come away with even more passion about volleyball - then the Crushers Volleyball Club of Arizona is for YOU and your family.

Building People:     not  just Players.